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Graphic Designer


Research, Sketch, Design




ALAMUSE is a mulitifaceted company providing real estate and financial services, while educating and connecting communities. As the team didn't have any visualized logo, my task was to create a unique design which the company could use in all its products and social network profiles.


Upon receiving all the necessary details and idea, I then started researching the project. I wanted to gather as much ideas as possible before working on my drafts. I was aiming for elegance, and since the target audience was also defined as middle age professionals, entrepreneurs and family, I thought it would be great to notch it up with some character and growth.


Once my ideas were clear, I started sketching the different options I had in mind. To emphasize the financial side of the company, I focused on having a data graph, represented by an arrow, as part of the design while fine colors and elegant curvature will highlight the real estate aspect of the company. 

AlaMuse logo Sketch.png


The idea behind the typography was that it shows high or long shape letters to maintain the graph style consistency. Therefore my choice was the GoBold family, a stunning elegant Sans Serif font created by Situjuh Nazara. I needed a font that not only elevates the design but also fits the within the overall idea and GoBold was the perfect piece to the puzzle.


The original color I applied was a pure yellow as it is the most luminous and easily captures our attention more than any other color. And since yellow is a the color of optimism and enlightenment, I complimented it with a navy blue, color of strength, reliability, stability, and power, which is all that the company stands for.

AlaMuse logo.001.png
AlaMuse logo.003.png
AlaMuse logo.002.png
AlaMuse logo.004.png


With the exception of the color, AlaMuse team was pleased with the design I created. As per their request, the original colors were substituted by a darker oragne and blue. The final touch reveals a lot more than the drafts; from the graph curves showing elegance, down to the shadow details highlighting both letter "A" and "M", AlaMuse logo meets all the expections showing great deal of style and character.

ALAMUSE.002 copy.png
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