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Graphic Designer


Interview, Sketch, Re-Design





Cafe Word team cares about the people and their peace of mind. Their primary goal is to provide a space where everyone can feel at home and at peace while reading their favorite book, having a friendly discussion, sipping on their coffee or even listening to their favorite tune. My task for this project was to re-design the logo and make it more modern so that it could attract a more broad audience including the youth.


After our first meeting, with the details fresh in mind, I started my drafts. I wanted to focus on a design that reveals all 3 elements simultaneously; home/space, coffee, book. I also wanted to have an equal balance between the elements so that all 3 components are seen at first sight.

Cafe Word Logo.001.jpeg
Cafe Word Logo.003.png
Cafe Word Logo.002.png


Although the client liked the drafts I provided, they wanted to keep the idea of their previous logo and simply improved the style while keeping the main color. The logo had a history they wanted to keep and so I was provided with their previous design to have a better idea of what their expectations were and how I could bring out that fresh look.

Old Logo

cafe word old.png


I decided to step away from the complete new look and style, and focus my thoughts on the previous logo and analyze how I could optimize the original idea and foundation. My end goal was to make it look more slick and realistic.

Cafe Word Logo.001.png
Cafe Word Logo.003.png


With its fresh and straightforward look,  I thought it would be meaningful to choose a font that has the same purpose. Gotham Font family is known for its down-to-earth, “plainspoken” elegance. Easy on the eye, it can be read from a distance. The incorporation of Gotham as part of the design is another charming ingredient to the project to seduice its target audience.


After the second revision of the logo, the final design was then created with the addition of a minor detail as per the client request. They wanted to also integrate music in the design. And so I decided it would be interesting to utilize the treble clef in the coffee smoke. Finally, I kept the same color palette as per the clients’ expectations.

CAFE WORLD.002.png
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